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8 reasons why we think you should deal with us.

1. We listen and are accessible

The whole loan process is about you and your needs so first we listen to what your requirements are. We then fully assess your needs and wants and find a loan that truly suits you.

You can call us any time. We mean it - 24/7. Forget normal banking hours.

Giving you simple answers - when you want them which is especially important when you're looking for homes on weekends and need those "what if" questions answered.

2. Personalised service

Even though we can access loans and products from over 40 different lenders, we are small enough to offer you a very personalised service. At all times you can speak to the people who are processing your loan from start to finish thus ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

3. Innovative lending solutions

Everyone's loan requirements are different and we pride ourselves on providing you with a lending solution for your requirements - not just a loan off the shelf. if you need some "outside of the square" thinking - we've got it and access to lenders who have the products.

on top of all this we can show you innovative ways to save money and pay off your home loan faster.

4. Our service is free

We do not charge you a cent. No brokerage fees whatsoever. How is this possible? Easy- the lender with whom you take your loan pays us. We're on your side and we are just as keen to get your loan approved as you are. If we don't get your loan approved - we don't get paid.

5. Lender choice

Being accredited with over 40 lenders we can offer you a huge choice and pride ourselves on simplifying the choice for you. As mortgage brokers we can access loans from all the major banks, building societies and mortgage managers. Having no allegiance with any one, we simply match you with a lender that offers a product suitable to your requirements.

6. Expertise and experience

We have the expertise and experience to make the daunting choice of home loans easy. Having more than the minimum required educational qualifications and being a broker for over 12 years now, means-we know what we are doing.

If you have been unsuccessful in gaining approval for any type of home loan previously, we would relish the opportunity to go "into battle" for you. - Let’s say we like a challenge!

7. Convenience & comfort

We can come to you in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Alternatively, we'll meet you at your favourite coffee shop (coffee on us) or you can come to us. Again, it's all about making it easier for you.

8. Fast approvals

Utilising the latest software and online lodgement facilities means we can access super-fast conditional approvals for all loan products. In many instances the whole process can be done in front of you with an indicative approval before we leave your home!

Here are just some of the lenders that we are accredited with ...