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Other lending products

We provide a Free ServiceCommercial loans - We can facilitate loans for those needing funds for commercial purposes. Sometimes, your funding requirements will fall under the auspices of commercial lending purely because of the zoning of the property that you wish to purchase. Loans can be organised for Retail, Industrial, Office, Apartments, Property Developments, Hotels, Motels, and Caravan Parks .

We provide a Free ServiceConstruction & Development Finance - Looking for finance to undertake a significant construction or development project? There are many funding options sometimes available. From conventional lending to lending based upon pre-sales, lending based on end of project value through to mezzanine funding solutions.

We provide a Free ServiceDeposit Bonds  They are like an IUO for the deposit on a purchase (usually for an off-the-plan purchase.) They work just like an insurance policy. You pay the deposit bond provider a premium and they assure your vendor that they will be entitled to the deposit amount if you default on the purchase. In the event of default the provider seeks recourse back to you for the deposit amount.

We provide a Free ServiceEquipment Finance - Generally if equipment is income earning and depreciable then equipment finance can be used.
Equipment finance can be obtained for - Motor Vehicles, Trucks and Buses, Earthmoving Equipment, Computers, Farm Machinery, Printing Equipment, Medical Equipment, Manufacturing Plant, Kitchen Equipment, Fixtures and Fittings (for strong applications), Mining Equipment, Aircraft & Boats.

We provide a Free ServiceFinance / Factoring - Is NOT necessarily lending of last resort. Factoring is experiencing the largest growth within the commercial finance sector in the U.K & USA. Factoring may be suitable where your business has run out of freehold security and you require a quicker turnaround of cash. On presentation of invoices - payment up to 80% is made within 48 hours by the lender.

We provide a Free ServiceHome reversion schemes The consumer sells part or all of his or her home to a reversion company. The home is sold for less than its market price (typically between 35% and 60%), but the consumer can remain in the property until they die or voluntarily vacate the home. There are at least two types of home reversion schemes a "sale and lease model" and a "sale and mortgage model". Such mortgages are NOT available in the current credit climate

We provide a Free ServiceLO-Doc finance for small ticket Equipment funding -For office equipment, computers, photocopiers. and the like.
Catering equipment - coffee machines, Pizza ovens.
Engineering equipment - Hoists, surveying equipment, compressors
Audiovisual equipment. Such mortgages are NOT available in the current credit climate

We provide a Free ServiceShared appreciation mortgages (SAMs) The consumer gives up the right to some of the capital gain on the property in return for paying reduced or no interest on that part of his or her borrowings. Such mortgages are NOT available in the current credit climate

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