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With Christmas on the way, uncertainty about interest rate movement has left many of us thinking twice about our spending plans for the festive season.

In the first article we look at what Australias leading economists have to say about where rates are heading over the coming months.

If you are thinking about selling your home, our second article provides advice for achieving the best possible price.

Turn to article three for a reminder on organising a mortgage health check. Its a free of charge service offered by your mortgage broker to ensure your home loan is in tip top health.

Lastly we look at the topic of decision-making and how to improve your ability to make decisions, a skill that might come in handy when deciding on the perfect presents for your loved ones this Christmas!

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Where are rates heading?
Tips for Selling
Home Health Check
Making Decisions

Where are rates heading?

Predictions are strong for continued interest rate rises next year, but the good news is that many economists believe the cash rate will remain well below 2008 levels.

The Australian's quarterly economic survey of 20 economists shows that most expect the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to make at least two more hikes before June 2011, which would take interest rates to 5.25 per cent.


Tips for Selling

Your home is going on the market and you want to ensure it sells for the best possible price. How do you go about it?

The obvious answer is to make sure it looks good, but this is not the only selling strategy that counts. Take a look at our top six tips for attracting a sale.


Home Health Check

Your car gets serviced at the mechanics, your teeth checked at the dentist, but when is the last time you booked your home loan in for a health check?

A regular home loan health check ensures you're still getting the best deal and the maximum benefit out of your biggest investment. As your personal circumstances change over time, it's important to make sure your home loan meets your needs and evolves with your lifestyle.


Making Decisions

Every day we make hundreds of decisions, some simple, others more difficult.

Decisions which can have a lasting impact on your life, such as taking out a home loan or fixing your mortgage are far more intimidating and usually much more difficult to make.


About Us

Barrett Lending Solutions is a boutique mortgage broking business, specialising in finding solutions to assist client's needs in relation to their lending requirements. We provide assistance in setting up strategies, borrowing structures, and finding loan options - be it for residential, investment or commercial lending needs.

Why not let us do it for you?

Our points of difference:
  • Accredited with over 50 lenders.
  • Our service is totally FREE. We are remunerated by the chosen lender, whoever that ends up being.
  • Over 5 years industry experience
  • Individual attention to each loan scenario
  • After loan settlement-ongoing care and support.

Barrett Lending Solutions Core Values:
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

Need an accountant?

Gregory Thomas Accountants offer:
  • Income tax returns
  • Financial reporting
  • Business setup
  • Small business advisory & support services
  • Cash flow statements & management accounting

Contact Gregory Thomas Accountants by calling 07 3821 5929.


Information from Sovereign Capital Management's Individually Managed Account

As of this writing, global markets are again in turmoil and for many investors this will be a cause of concern.

Are you:
  • Concerned about the volatility and uncertainty of the share market?
  • Concerned about rising interest rates and the economy?
  • Interested in enhancing your Self-Managed Super Fund?
  • Interested in paying off your loan/s sooner?
  • Interested in generating cash flow to purchase additional investment properties?
  • Interested in wealth creation strategies not dependent on rising stock and property prices?
  • Interested in reducing your risk AND increasing your return?
Sovereign Capital Management Pty Ltd (SCM) is an investment management firm that can help you with this and more. Our investment strategy has been thoroughly tested over 6 years and produces stable, consistent returns of up to 27% per annum with high liquidity and very low volatility, with the safety of knowing your cash and assets remain in your own account at a major Australian bank.

SCM's market neutral strategy removes market risk, so we are 'not investing in the share market'. Instead, we make profits through intelligent stock selection due to our most preferred shares outperforming our least preferred shares and we profit from both rising and falling prices, achieving good returns without experiencing the roller-coaster performance that is often associated with investments 'in the share market'. Some of the many benefits of our Individually Managed Account (IMA) service are:

1. Higher Returns - consistent and stable returns (after fees and transaction costs) of up to 27% per annum, dependent on the leveraging option chosen by the investor.
2. Lower Risk - our strategy is capable of generating a higher long-term return than the share market with less than a third of the risk.
3. Proven Strategy - our quantitative equity market neutral investment strategy has been thoroughly tested over 6 years, covering up, down and sideways market conditions.
4. Liquidity - no lock-up period and high liquidity, as we only invest in the top 200 shares in Australia - and investor funds are available at short notice.
5. Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns - higher returns with lower risk than can be achieved by investing in real estate or the share market.
6. Portfolio Enhancement - adding a SCM IMA to a portfolio of other assets such as real estate, shares and/or bonds will provide a substantial diversification benefit, in many cases increasing portfolio return and reducing portfolio risk, at the same time.
7. Control & Transparency - having an IMA means all cash and assets remain in the name of the investor and do not get pooled. We also provide you with details of every transaction.
8. Safety - investment funds remain in the investor's name at a major Australian bank where they are also guaranteed by the Australian government.
9. Cash Flow - the nature of our strategy makes it ideal for providing an income for retirement purposes, additional investment income, accelerated loan repayment or reducing the overall cash flow burden of an otherwise negatively geared portfolio.
10. No interest rate stress - the expected return of our strategy rises in line with interest rates.

As we only deal with wholesale clients, the minimum investment is $500,000 - but this can come from one or more sources, such as: the equity in your real estate, cash, managed funds, or shares.

Lastly, our strategy is allowable for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and complies with SMSF rules.

For a no-obligation copy of our detailed Investor Summary, or to arrange a free consultation, please contact our Business Development Manager, Mr Glenn Rushton at: or phone (07) 3272 6000, or 0413 948 888.

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