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Personal loans




A Personal Loan is an unsecured fixed installment loan with competitive interest rates that are applied across the term of the loan. A Personal Loan also offers flexible loan terms making budgeting easy with set loan repayments.

If you:

•  Have clean credit

•  Are over 18

•  In solid employment (PAYG or Self Employed)

•  Are a Permanent Resident

Then you will probably qualify. To find out how much you qualify for fill out the contact form or phone 1800 253 486.

barrett lending solutions can offer fast personal loans with settlement being effected in 48 hours from application. (Provided that all necessary documentation has been provided)

Personal loans up to $30,000 ($50,000 in special circumstances) can be used for most worthwhile purposes, including funds for a home loan deposit. (Personal loans cannot be used to pay ATO bills)

Applicants need to have been in employment for the last 12 months and have no adverse credit history. The process is very simple and can be approved over the phone, and settlement 48 hours later!

Car loans

Looking for a car loan? Want to even get a loan or lease for a work truck, van, Ute or any other work equipment or machinery? Then give us a call. We can get you finance to get just about anything.


Tips to consider when looking for personal /car loans

1. Avoid unsecured loans if possible

Avoid using unsecured personal loans if you can put up some security for your borrowings. This will get you a lower interest rate. A home equity loan, or redraw of extra repayments, allowing you to borrow against the equity built up in your own home or an investment property, is the best option of all, and could get you finance at up to 5 percent less than a car loan.

2. Be clear about leasing

Leasing is really just another form of borrowing to finance a car. But unlike loan finance - where you take ownership of the car and offer it or something else as security to the lender – lease finance sees a leasing company take ownership and give you the use of the car under contract for a specified period.

3. Be honest in loan applications

Be honest about why you want the loan. We may be able to offer you a loan option that better suits your circumstances. There are an increasing variety of different types of personal credit these days; car loans, commercial loans, leases, home equity loans, are just some of the examples.

4. Can't get a standard loan? There are alternatives

If the banks, building societies and credit unions won't lend to you, we have access to a number of non-bank lenders who may be able to assist. The interest rates have sometimes higher.

6. Consider smaller lenders too

When shopping around for a car loan, we consider community banks, credit unions and other smaller financial institutions which might be more approachable, and offer lower interest too.

7. Do you have to take out a personal loan at all

Think twice before borrowing money without security. You may have a better option already available; home equity extension to your home loan, a new loan that uses your property as security, a credit card, or even a rich relative.

8. Do you qualify for a 'relationship discount'?

Relationship discounts are available from banks and credit unions for those borrowers who consolidate a range of banking business with the one institution. Home and personal loan interest rate discounts, term deposit bonuses, savings account fee waivers and credit card annual fee waivers are commonly offered.

9. Don't just take the dealer finance

Don't accept loan or lease finance offered by a car dealer before comparing the offer with finance options offered by your bank or other credit providers. Dealer finance might be less hassle but you could well end up with an expensive loan and more restrictive terms and conditions. The same goes when buying furniture or any consumer goods where finance terms are offered.

10. Don't make multiple applications

Don't fill out applications at several financial institutions and have all of them checking into your credit history. This can make you look desperate and lower your credit score.

11. Don't rely solely on comparison rates

All lenders must now include "comparison rates" in advertisements for their home loans and personal loans to help consumers get a feel for their total cost - fees and the interest. Don't rely solely on comparison rates when choosing a loan and beware of their shortcomings. They only take into account fees and interest rates, not the features and how suitable the loan is for your circumstances.

12. Have you considered a credit card?

Consider also a credit card as your source of credit. Interest rates are generally higher but credit cards are easier to secure and offer greater flexibility of repayments.

13. Honesty counts

Be honest about why you want the loan. We may be able to offer you a loan option that better suits your circumstances. There are an increasing variety of different types of personal credit these days; car loans, commercial loans, leases, home equity loans, are just some of the examples.

14. Keep accurate records

Keep accurate records of your deposits and ATM transactions. It is also wise to keep copies of your loan application and approval documents in a safe place.

This is the best way to avoid hefty fees which may be charged by a bank when its customers want to see copies of their loan documents.

15. Know what interest rate applies

When offered car finance, either lease or loan, always be sure you know what interest rate applies. Lenders often ‘sell' you their finance packages by quoting the monthly repayments only. This may disguise a high interest rate.

Here are just some of the lenders that we are accredited with ...